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What is AirBnB

So what is AirBnB and what’s it all about? AirBnB is a website where you can book unique accommodation across the world, from a single room in someones house or an entire home. The big difference between AirBnB and your traditional booking site is that AirBnB hosts...

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Sunday Summit Mt Kosciuszko December 20th 2015

Decided to head into Kosciuszko National Park to walk up Mt Kosciuszko. After checking maps looking for the best route to take I decide to head up to Charlottes Pass and go along the Main Range Walk up to the summit then come back along the Summit Rd making it a nice...

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Bali Eco Cycling Tour – Lake Batur to Ubud

Eco Bali Cycling Tour - Mountain Biking It’s my birthday … Woot Woot some might say! So I’ve decided to do a mountain bike tour from Lake Batur back to Ubud it’s on a list I found of things to do in Ubud. It’s a full day tour breakfast an lunch included…...

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Perisher – Mt P Towers Spring 2015

Spring Hot Laps - Towers Mt P - Perisher For the first time this season I decided to take the GoPro up the hill for a few hot laps around the resort... none of this selfie stick business here! So this morning... It's warm! Really warm!! It's...

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The Script of Our Life

Looking at our life from another perspective. What if every second of every thing in our life was pre-planned like a script from a famous play and we had the starring role. Imagine that 'we' everyone you would come in contact with during your entire life...

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Mind Blowing Realisation

You hear words from the quantum physics world about how we are interconnected not just us but everyTHING that exists in this universe and your personal thinking mind says… yeah right!? But when you have a moment of silence within this personal mind you hold in your...

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