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The words I write within in this blog are my personal understandings of the things that I have come to know about this experience we call life, it’s a place for me to share what has come up for me personally. I love to write, and love the process of seeing mySELF writing these words and sharing them to the world. For me, this is a huge step, putting out my inner most thoughts and feelings for all to see.

These thoughts and words are not connected to any tradition, religion or belief system. They are merely a collection of thoughts and things that I come across, things that I know at a deeper level that just make sense!

I balance out some of the mind bending thoughts with some super fun experiences and places I’ve been to and plan to explore in the future. Life is such an extraordinary experience and when viewed from different perspectives can make the journey of illusion a hilariously fun time… Ride the Waves of Life!

What else Do I LOVE to do with my Days?

Jindy Web Design

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Jindy Web Design is based in Jindabyne NSW and services the world online. Web design solutions to get your business or idea online. We’re local and we understand how to get your business known locally! Now’s the time to contact Jindy Web Design!

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Professionally Organised Print

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POPrint was created to bring high quality printing, super fast turnaround and awesome customer service. I personally have been involved with the printing industry for 20 years. It’s been a big part of my life and I’m good at it! So why not bring quality and service to an area you know you can.

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