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The Script of Our Life

Looking at our life from another perspective. What if every second of every thing in our life was pre-planned like a script from a famous play and we had the starring role. Imagine that 'we' everyone you would come in contact with during your entire life...

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Mind Blowing Realisation

You hear words from the quantum physics world about how we are interconnected not just us but everyTHING that exists in this universe and your personal thinking mind says… yeah right!? But when you have a moment of silence within this personal mind you hold in your...

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The Laughing Buddha

‘The laughing Buddha’ concept hit me today of why this has come to pass. These are my personal thoughts on this one… it’s not tied to any tradition, religion, fact or previous concept except my own personal realisations and reflections. The laughing Buddha - Why does...

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Shooting Stars to Blow Your Mind

Last night my mind was blown by what I believe to be a reality creating incident that blew my mind and had me in fits of laughter! Set the scene, Friday night hot tub’n under the super crystal clear skies of Jindabyne. We were having a random conversation about how we...

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