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Headed out from Ettalong this morningĀ for a kayak and a fishing session. Awesome morning, perfect conditions for the yak! I paddled across from the revamped Ettalong water front as it’s a super easy drop in for the kayak. They have refurbished the old Kayak launcher and it just happens to be a few metres walk for the car park.

I headed over to Wagstaffe to flick a few lures on the sand drop offs looking for some Flathead (flatties). After a few unsuccessful flicks around the banks I headed over around the boat moorings. Success on the first flick. First one was a smallish 40cm which I realised. Not too long later I got a call from a client… So had a chat to him while drift back through the channel. On the very next flick after my phone call I was onto a nice heavy weight.

They always look much bigger when they first pull up beside the kayak! I decided the slow approach as this one was quite lively and bigger than my net. After a few minutes playing around, I got him into the kayak only to have him launch out of the net and straight back in taking even more line. I eventually got this one in and decided to keep him. To be honest he looked bigger than what I would normally keep but decided to take this one for dinner as I hadn’t taken one in for quite a while, have been more on the catch and release. It was 58cm and quite a solid fish.

Awesome day for fishing and an awesome day to be out and enjoying life! Happy Days!!

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