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Bali Eco Cycling Tour – Lake Batur to Ubud

Eco Bali Cycling Tour – Mountain Biking

It’s my birthday … Woot Woot some might say! So I’ve decided to do a mountain bike tour from Lake Batur back to Ubud it’s on a list I found of things to do in Ubud. It’s a full day tour breakfast an lunch included… so let’s go!

Pick up from hotel is included, I’m picked up in a decent size bus with full air con blazing which is an awesome way to start a sticky day in Bali I say! The bus takes you to Lake Batur to a restaurant that over looks the lake where they put on a pretty decent breakfast while you take in the amazing views of the Lake and Volcano. Here’s me thinking… how cool, we have to ride all the way back from up here! AWESOME… Not long later I’m told that the bus takes us back down the hill to a Kopi Luwak place where they make the coffee from the animal that poops out the best coffee beans from the plant. I’m sure you’ve heard of this, if not hit up Mr Google. So… those thoughts aside.. no mountain biking from the lookout back down.

I must also mention.. we stopped at tegalalang rice terrace on the way for a few pictures. The view here of the rice fields, just amazing!!

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After breakfast we are loaded back on the bus to make our way back down to the next stop (Kopi Luwak coffee house) then onto the bikes!

To sum up the mountain bike ride in total from start to finish I would rate this an XE (extremely easy) It’s actually a leisurely roll for 25kms which is mostly downhill but nothing too extreme, tarred roads 99% of the way through local villages and rice fields and some super amazing eye candy scenery to take in. Mind you… there’s a couple of up hills, two I think which took about 4 heavy pedals and I was over the top. I would recommend this tour for any fitness level. I wore shoes which was completely over the top, you could go barefoot if thats how you roll!

The final part of the tour you roll down gently to a river crossing where you meet back up with the bus to be taken to the next stop… LUNCH! But first I’m given the option to ride the final leg. I’m told its roughly 45 minutes with some uphill riding. I gave it a miss as no one else was keen and it was super hot and I guessing there’s not going to be and hectic bomb drop or kickers to hit so I’m calling lunch.

We arrive at another restaurant cool and comfy place with the most amazing food, so far a day of pretty decent eating. You have a selection of vego and non veg buffet, but really well prepared… it was so good I over ate! After your lunch you are taken back to your hotel to finish off the day.

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Start time for me: 8:30am (Pick up from Ubud)
Finish time for me: Around 2:30-3:00pm I guess
Cost: 40USD or 550,000IDR (November 2015) $57AUD
Difficulty rating: XE (extremely easy)
Included: All meals, knowledgeable guide, water on the ride, snacks on the ride (banana), 7 tasting teas at the Kopi Luwak coffee house and the bus follows you all the way incase the overwhelming cruisey ride is too much for you.
Not included: Drinks at the final stop for lunch

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