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So.. it’s our final day in Singapore and we have a plan to get a whole lotta stuff done! First off.. Breakfast! We have heard of a must have in Singapore ‘chicken rice’ and a Taxi driver told us where to get it. We found it on the outskirts of Chinatown and it was pretty awesome.

We decide to head out to the Zoo as we have heard it’s a pretty cool place with up close and personal interactions with the animals. Taxi’s are such an awesome choice of transportation around this city as it’s pretty cheap compared to back home.

Roughly a 20 minute drive from Chinatown to the Zoo which I thought was good timing considering how far it looked on a map. Also, we were given another option with a travel company to go with their buses and connections… But, the Taxi was by far the best option.

We arrive at the Zoo, grab a map and head off on foot to see as much as we can! They also have a transport option which covers quite a fair bit of the Zoo but we chose the foot foot option as we get to see so much more. It is a really awesome Zoo when you compare with others across the globe. Some of the enclosures are a little to close for comfort… The White Tiger was checking us out and I’m sure he or she was thinking… Yeah, I think I could make that leap!

The Orangutan’s have a huge enclosure which really isn’t that enclosed allowing you to get pretty close to say g’day and good some good pics. As do most of the enclosures here at Singapore Zoo. They even have some animals.. well the not so dangerous ones freely cruising around which was a fun site to see!

I leave the final part of our experience at Singapore Zoo to the Pygmy hippos who stole the show with a Brown note that lit up the crowd, disgusted a few, fed the fish and upset his enclosure buddy! Yes, it was a shart to end all sharts! Enjoy!

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