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Yesterday I visited one of my favourite beaches Maitland Bay in Bouddi National Park on the NSW Central Coast. This beach is around 10 minutes from my place. Favourite beach… Why? The walk down, the beach and the walk back up. All in all a beautiful place to get away and relax.

It takes roughly 10-15 minutes to walk down to the beach and a bit longer to get back up. Yes… downhill one way and uphill all the way back. I heard a few kids disapproval of the effort it takes to reach the beach, maybe a bit too young to appreciate how amazing the scenery is both on the track down and the view when you get there!

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In the picture above that you can see a few people on the beach… this was the busiest I’ve ever seen Mainland Bay. It was a long weekend and an ABSOLUTELY stunning day, so I guess that can be expected. Normally this beach is REALLY quite, I mean I’ve been down here and I’ve been one of a few people on the beach.

If you’ve ever thought about heading to Maitland Bay, this place is definitely worth a visit. You can also find shade on a hot day along the rock wall a bit further down the beach. Enjoy!

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Mainland Bay through the eyes of GoPro!

Make sure you keep you pants on! This beach used to be a nudist beach but now it’s definitely a no go on the nudie dipping now and you risk getting a fine… $200.

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