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Spring Hot Laps – Towers Mt P – Perisher

For the first time this season I decided to take the GoPro up the hill for a few hot laps around the resort… none of this selfie stick business here! So this morning… It’s warm! Really warm!! It’s 11 degrees on the hill before 9am… for those who aren’t aware, that real hot for the snow and it feels warmer with no wind.

Snow conditions are perfect spring slush… groomers have been in action over night to remove yesterdays slush filled bumps, thats why I’m here for the early ones so I can take off when it turns back to mush. The footage in the vid below is from the triple chair on Mt P and runs down ‘Towers Run’ in just over a minute 30 seconds.. not too bad for a snowboarder in the spring slush! The video doesn’t quite show the speed, but I can tell you it was up there for these conditions!!

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