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Sunday Summit Mt Kosciuszko December 20th 2015

Decided to head into Kosciuszko National Park to walk up Mt Kosciuszko. After checking maps looking for the best route to take I decide to head up to Charlottes Pass and go along the Main Range Walk up to the summit then come back along the Summit Rd making it a nice loop of a guesstimation at 22-23kms.

I started out from Charlottes at touch after 7am the wind was absolutely howling and was supposed to increase as the day went on. The reports were showing lighter winds for the morning but the mountains are pretty unpredictable. First funny thing I noticed was the thoughts in my head saying… Will have to give the summit a miss today, conditions are way too hairy! Always interesting to be aware of the craziness that bounces around your noggin!

The first section of the walk is a big downhill followed by a very long winding up hill that really does take it out of you, but once you hit the top section it’s a pretty cruisey up and down for most of the way with jaw dropping scenery all the way. What I found interesting was that everyone was taking the summit road up and down missing the BEST part of the walk! The Main Range Walk which even had snow to play in. I must have walked past 30-40 people on the way back all on the Summit Rd, on the Main Range Walk I only had one guy run past me… Yeah… He was running the track!

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The Main Range Walk takes you past some awesome lakes like Hedley Tarn, Blue Lake and Lake Albina plus one other I’m not sure of the name. I was planning to head down to Blue Lake but decided against it as they were updating the track and I was keen to get to the summit before the predicted afternoon gales. I soon realised these winds were pretty much at gale force!

From the start of the main Range Walk it took me a touch under 3hrs to reach the summit of Mt Kosciuszko which included quite a few stop offs to soak up the crazy amazing scenery and to laugh at myself while standing face first into some of the hairiest winds I’ve experienced for quite a while. At one stage I was literally walking on a very strange angle to stop the side winds from knocking me over. Each exposed section I was faced with the most face ripping winds with a smile as wide as could be.

On reaching the summit the winds had well and truly reached gale force and it was pretty hard to stand on the summit, so I sat behind the summit rock post and enjoyed and awesome but very early lunch along with my favourite Italian Sparkling, the good old San Pellegrino!

On leaving the summit I noticed a track towards the bottom which looked like a more ‘straight to the point’ approach to heading back than the main track which winds back down with a less vertical decline. I opted for the ‘make your own’ descent and worked out really good actually… way way quicker and more interesting!


Choose the Main Range Walk! You’ll love it.

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The road back to Charlottes I took the Summit Walk or otherwise known as the Summit Rd, it’s pretty much a car lane wide smoothed out road which is also the main route people take, a little too straight forward for this little black duck. I like a more… let’s say interesting, not too sure where I’m going path than a clearly marked long winding road. Yes there is some nice things to see on the Summit Rd but you miss out on Blue Lake, Lake Albina, jaw dropping views into Victoria, places to blow your face off standing on the edge of a cliff, snow, did I mention SNOW, single track paths, not many other humans and some really really really cool stuff.

Left Charlottes Pass  07:10am
Back to Charlottes     11:50am
Includes stopping for pics and videos, food and pee stops! Ok… I took a sneaky track down the side of the Summit, which I assume was the old path to the summit. This saved a good 20 minutes as a couple left the Summit way before me and when I arrived at the bottom I looked up and they still had a fair walk left.

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