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What is AirBnB

So what is AirBnB and what’s it all about? AirBnB is a website where you can book unique accommodation across the world, from a single room in someones house or an entire home. The big difference between AirBnB and your traditional booking site is that AirBnB hosts are regular people not Hotel chains, although theres a chance you may run into a listing run by a Hotel as AirBnB’s popularity is soaring!

With over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries you could say there’s a decent amount to choose from no matter where in the world you’re headed.

What’s my personal experience with AirBnB? I’ve found that you can find some really awesome and unique places around the globe. And the people I’ve been in contact with have been super nice and always very keen to help out in any way they can. Maybe this is because everyone is reviewed after the transaction has been completed, so both the Host and Traveler get a chance to review. These reviews will reflect all parties involved, so its in your best interest to play nice!

Also with AirBnB the photos taken are normally by the Host so theres a pretty good chance they’re not going to be photoshopped to make them extra pretty.. With my experience the places I’ve stayed have been way better that the actual photos!

Another key awesome feature with AirBnB is how they spread the word around. Sharing the AirBnB link through Social Media or Blogs will get you credits on the AirBnB site when people use this service. You’ll receive credits to your account ready for your next booking. These credit amounts depend on what service your referral went to. If that person becomes a Host, you’ll get a pretty tidy credit logged into your account to make your next booking a super sweet surprise!

Would you like a travel credit for a booking on AirBnB? Heres my link, click away and get started.

This place was awesome to stay in while visiting Ubud! It’s like your own private treehouse on the side of a mountain with a river running below.

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