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So Ash… We decided to make this cash exchange shit REAL! Pictures and all so you’re fully sorted and have a personal reference to exchanging cash in Indonesia. This will also work for places like Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

You can pretty much exchange Aussie cash anywhere in Bali if you’re aware of the exchange rate and know how to count. As of now, May 2016 the exchange you’re looking for is around 9,800 to 9,950, anything above 10,000 do with caution, they’ll try and take a dodgy cut. So to be safe, refer to the images below. These places are authorised… Well… To some degree anyway. Normally an office with air con and a big sign and close to 9,900 is all good to go!

Ok.. So the above are good to go and to me are fully trusted versions of exchange to ‘Smash your Cash’ The below is a ‘Caution dé Caution’ I’ve personally found the clothes shops offer awesome rates but give you small notes like all in 20,000’s ($2.00 notes) and give you a shitload less! All good exchanges places start with the big notes 100,000 and then at the end fill it up with small crap. Check out the image below… Signs above 10,150 as of May 2016.. Be VERY careful.

Added ‘Tit Bits’ info for some local knowledge…..

If you happen to hear a local Mosque around 5am, the guy leading the proceedings is named Rick, he has a backup named Andrew who always turns up around 10 minutes late for his very valued contribution… This momentous occasion is usually backed up by a host of local roosters cockadoodloooing and a catastrophe of meowing pussy cats that sound like sound young babies practising Celine Dion songs from the past.

Theres a very famous dog that can be found in the random back streets of Kuta, his name is Barry, he can be trusted! He guided us to an awesome coffee shop that was a mere stroll from our first few nights accomodation.

Watch out for Frank, he’s normally seen in the Visa queue asking questions about how much the Visa entry fee is… Flashing multiple passports… He’s dodgy… But be assured the Visa entry fee has now been waved so you’ll have a tidy extra $50AUD in your sky rocket to spend on what ever might tickle you fancy.

So.. based on travel expenses and getting from the airport to you hotel. Based on local knowledge… (Muma gave me the heads up) your hotel isn’t too far away. Old mate (cocks at airport) will try and sting you big bucks for a short ride. I can assure you anything over 200,000 to get to your hotel… they saw you coming and are keen to rip you off. 150,000 is a fair to very fair deal from the airport to Legian. Not a fair deal on your side but for old mate (cock at airport) it’s a super fair deal for hm so don’t feel offended.

Have a safe, ridiculously fun adventure…. Any questions… you know the line of communication back to me… Don’t hesitate to reach out yeah!!!


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