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A slight shift in your perspective can really change the way you actually see things!

The other night I noticed something change ever so slightly which pretty much changed the way I now see the moon. Instead of the moon being the light shining back at me, another perspective is the light being provided by the sun and light from the other side of the world. Might sound silly but take a look for yourself, see if it has the same effect for you. Try to view the moon as the source of the light and then swing to the opposite view where the ‘white’ part of the moon is being lit by the suns light from the other side of the world. This new shift in my perspective had a strange and profound feeling go through me. Each time I would look up and ‘see’ this opposite view it almost felt like a movie or a dream like state. I now question what I perceive to be my reality…

Imagine if we used this same method to see everything around us with this new perspective. Even things that we know for sure as ‘supposed’ to be this way or ‘supposed’ to be like that. How do you think this would effect our results, how would this change our relationships and how different would our experience of life be?

I found this blog quite difficult to upload or take a picture of what I actually saw with my experience. This one will come down to your actual experience through your thoughts.

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