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You hear words from the quantum physics world about how we are interconnected not just us but everyTHING that exists in this universe and your personal thinking mind says… yeah right!? But when you have a moment of silence within this personal mind you hold in your head, seriously mind blowing insights show you the real story. Little coincidences that you notice that just make sense, something beyond what your personal mind considers making sense, it’s a sense of the actual truth.

A personal example that I could share is connected to someone in this world more closely than just two strangers walking down a street, connected in more of a way of an ongoing relationship. When two are connected in this way you can actually feel and know what is going on in their world no matter what the actual time space distance is and I’m even talking opposite sides of the world. You just know something about them. I have had many moments like this in a past relationship. And what I have discovered through conversations is that I was extremely accurate in what I felt and thought even though I seconded guessed myself at the time of some of these occurrences.

There is something way beyond what our personal minds can handle going on in this awesomely crazy and beautiful experience we call ‘life’ and I am really loving what I am personally understanding, knowing and starting to share.

Let’s dig a little deeper huh…

Going a little deeper into this interconnected world we live in, the reality we see day to day moment to moment is actually determined by the conscious awareness we put on the situation or event directly in front of us. For instance two individuals having a conversation about a particular topic, in that moment there exists infinite possibilities or infinite realities waiting to happen. The choices we make in that moment during that conversation will have an effect on the outcome. I have tried to simply this example down as much as I can, this can be used for every thing that comes our way. Really understanding the above will change the way you see the world and the results that pop up in your life which is a really cool thing.

This experience that you are having now is your experience and everyTHING that comes from this experience is for you, every conversation you have will hold key information for you to expand and grow from, the words that come from others to you hold the keys and secrets that will unlock the enormous potential that exists now inside you. Enjoy every moment good or bad because these moments are just moments of joy and love, good or bad are just labels to balance out life, neither is good or bad they just are what is… a beautiful unfolding of a life’s experience.

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