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What is ‘Deja vu’ and what it means to me from my personal experience.

Definition: Deja vu – A feeling of having already experienced the present situation.

Through the period of 2014 I had some amazing experiences one of which was a lot of moments where I had experienced what we call ‘Deja vu’. These moments were becoming so clear to me that I was able to remain calm during the ‘Deja vu’ and be present to see and hear what was to come next from that situation. For example, able to know that a truck with big mud flaps would drive past next in the middle of nowhere in a national park, or that someone was about to turn around and write on a board. As soon as ‘thought’ started to examine what was going on I was immediately returned to natural time or what we perceive to be ‘time’ cancelling out all experience of ‘I’ve done this before’ ‘I’ve been here before’.

Personally from my experience what I think Deja vu is, is that it’s the point where our personal minds relax enough to let go of this thing we call time and for just that moment we experience life without the concept of time allowing us to see things as they truly are, happening right now. We only ‘think’ with our personal minds that this experience has happened before, but in reality it is just happening, not before or after, just right now! The moment we ‘THINK’ we are returned to what we ‘think’ is normal. This normality is only mind made, which allows us to experience the reality of life. Our thoughts are the only thing that removes our true selves from the now moment.

To go a little deeper… Deja vu ‘could be’ a place where you pass ‘time’ to almost be able to ’see’ into the future or you have reached a point in ‘time’ in your life, where you have aligned yourself with source energy and vibrating at one with the ‘highest’ frequency. At this point your are in alignment with your most highest self and connected to something beyond what the ‘mind’ can comprehend. Our minds might like to label it ‘Deja vu’ which is really just the truth to our existence, our natural true state of vibration. The only thing that separates us from that is the illusion created by our mind. But… without the illusion we would not be able to experience this thing we call life!

One of my most memorable times of experiencing Deja vu was during an adventure on a cruise ship through Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. I had been experiencing Deja vu and at around the same time my watch stopped working. Flat battery? Maybe? When I attempted to turn it on it flashed ‘RAM ok, No RAM’ then turned off. I continued to experience moments of Deja vu becoming more aware of what was happening. During the rest of my ‘time’ on the ship my watch did not work. What happened next was very interesting. As we departed the ship and were waiting in the customs line to enter back into Singapore… my watch came back on and kept time. It was a digital watch and not a cheap one either!

What are your thoughts on Deja vu, have you experienced something similar? Would love to hear some other stories.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

Cheers, Paul

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