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Last night my mind was blown by what I believe to be a reality creating incident that blew my mind and had me in fits of laughter!

Set the scene, Friday night hot tub’n under the super crystal clear skies of Jindabyne. We were having a random conversation about how we create our own reality and how powerful or not so powerful (depends on who’s version) the mind actually is. As this conversation was slowed down, I was left alone to ponder what we had just discussed.

Sitting back, looking to the clear skies above through the steam of the hot tub I thought to myself. If I literally create my own reality to what degree and how quickly. I’ve always been a massive fan of the shooting star but very rarely see them. My thoughts wandered towards creating a shooting star to pass by me. At the precise moment I felt like I could truly see a shooting star and it was absolutely possible for me to create this, a shooting star burst directly above me. Not just a little flickering shooting star but kind of double whammy special one that had one burst then it seemed to burst again but even brighter on the second run.. Mind equals BLOWN.

Did I actually see that, create that or imagine that? Who knows, who cares! It was absolutely amazeballs and proves to me even further that when our belief is in perfect alignment with our direct desires that ‘thing’ whatever it may be that we want to create will show up in your reality. How far can we take this, what ridiculously amazingly awesome things can we create by truly understanding that we truly do create our own reality and that anything is possible!

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