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‘The laughing Buddha’ concept hit me today of why this has come to pass. These are my personal thoughts on this one… it’s not tied to any tradition, religion, fact or previous concept except my own personal realisations and reflections.

The laughing Buddha – Why does he laugh? Why is he so ‘jolly’ about life? Has he come to release that all experience of life, all that he is experiencing is himself, and all experiences good or evil are merely reflections for the ‘one’ to understand, learn and grow from.

The laughing Buddha has no attachments to any experience that he ‘sees’ within his reality as they have come to his awareness for him to see that this is all just experiences to choose from. An endless list of tastes, smells, touches, sounds and so fourth. The laughter comes from an inner knowing of not being attached to situations, events or experiences, just to love and enjoy THIS experience.

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