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Looking at our life from another perspective.

What if every second of every thing in our life was pre-planned like a script from a famous play and we had the starring role. Imagine that ‘we’ everyone you would come in contact with during your entire life got together before you were born and scripted out the roles of life that each would play. Every awesome thing and every absolutely gutting situation in our life was set out in ‘the script’ of our life and there was nothing we could do about it. And to stir things right up, at the moment of us coming out of this world rather than coming into this world, our memory of this script and what it was all about was completely wiped from our memory.

This to me is quite and interesting and thought provoking question one might like to ponder under the tree of life!

Our entire journey here in this form was planned and constructed in fine detail. The parents we have, the people in our lives down to the car we drove when we first got our license and even down to the first girl/boy we kissed at school. This would include every challenge that has brought us to tears and every single life event that has made us smile with joy. Every thing in our life was planned out from the day we arrived to the day we departed back to the place where it all started in the writings of a new life to be.

The aim of this journey here on earth was to wake up and remember to remember that this life was all an amusing play for us to learn and grow and was completely constructed from beginning to end.

How differently would you see your life or how differently would the good or the bad situations feel if you knew that no matter what you did or said throughout your life it was going to go as per the script you were following.

How differently would you act towards others? How would you feel about your life knowing this information from when you were very young?

Would you just fully let go and enjoy every single experience or moment from moment to moment with the most hilarious smile on your face like the Laughing Buddha?

I would like to ask you to think about that or even better, try and do this for a short period of time as an experiment, just an experiment to see how things would play out. Let’s say one afternoon to start off with and then maybe progress to an entire day from the moment you woke up to the moment you closed you eyes at night. Document down after the experiment what you experienced, did things flow at an unbelievable rate once you fully let go to what is like it was pre-scripted?

Something to think about.

Thank you for reading, enjoy your time!

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