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A few months back now, around the end of June 2014 I woke one morning, just like any other day. Started my day just like normal and was doing the random Facebook browse when I came across a post by Dr Wayne Dyer. The post was about a TEDx Talk by Michael Neill on… Why aren’t we Awesomer. Sounded Very Interesting to say the least! 15 minutes later, tears in my eyes wondering what the hell did I just see.

This 15 minute talk changed absolutely everything in the way of how I was to see and ‘think’ about everything from this point onwards. Such a small shift in understanding how we experience life can have such a profound effect on how we ACTUALLY experience life. The key line that knocked me off my chair was… ‘We’re not afraid of what we THINK we’re afraid of, we’re afraid of what we THINK’. Yes, a slight play on words, but what a magnificent play it is.

This understanding stems back to an insight by a man named Sydney Banks or Syd Banks for short. Syd had an insight quite some years ago that allowed him to see so clearly how we experience our life through the Principles of  Mind, Consciousness and Thought. Through these ‘Three Principles’ we experience everything in our lives. I won’t go into detail on this post you can research further through Syd’s site Sydney Banks , here you can find extra information, videos and links. Syd has written some incredible books on the ‘Three Principles’

Back to the the Talk on THE TALK! I have come back quite a few times to watch this video again. Pretty much the main reason why I have decided to make a post about it, so I can come back at any time and experience that experience again. During the video Michael has some really cool examples to explain how we experience life and how we use our thoughts to create fears or experiences that don’t actually exist. My little tip for watching the video is to really listen and not just with your ears but with your whole being! Enjoy!!

Having a deeper understanding of the ‘Three Principles’ or an unfolding as Dean Rees-Evans from Three Principles Training puts it, WILL have a very profound effect on how you experience your life. I met Dean through my research on the Three Principles, we had a very profound discussion about the Principles. Dean is based in Australia and I would definitely recommend booking in a time to have a casual discussion about the Three Principles.

This new perspective or slight adjustment in the way we ‘see’ our experience will allow you to have an amazing understanding of how others are experiencing their life too…So, it’s a win win.

Enjoy the TEDx Talk by Michael Neill.

Here are some helpful links:
A Book by Sydney Banks: The Missing Link
Michael Neill: Inside Out Revolution on Amazon or Michael Neill website where you can read some of the book

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